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>> what lies beneath. coming up next after bags with local fire chief pg&e surrender closely guarded mab map of major gas transmission line. >> plane full of people misses disaster by the closest margin the faa has ever seen. pilot the faa has ever seen. pilot could hear another jet roar our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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>> good evening everyone. pg&e most closely guarded secret upped the streets of san francisco is a secret no more. >> after two weeks of wrestling with the power company the fire chief finally getting answers. amy is here now with cooperation that the chief was fight to go get. >>reporter: it took some time but she got what she wanted. she knows where the pipes r.big question is what will she do with the form? will sheree lease it or keep it to herself? here it is. map of the gas line running through san francisco. fire chief the
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white asked for this a week ago. >> very pleased that this morning representatives from pg&e came here to the building and hand delivered a map to me as well as the pipeline integrity management system plan. >>reporter: week ago pg&e refused to let her have it. for security and safety reasons. we asked them about the change of heart. >> we have looked at both the safety and security concerns and we knew there was a lot of interest from the public and a lot of concerns over the safety of our pipeline stem and we wanted to do everything we could. >>reporter: now she faces a tough decision. she understands why people want to know what is on this map. >> but certainly as mm. of 3 boys and property owner you want to know where the lines run or how you are im packed. >>reporter: but she didn't let us see the map. and tonight she told the fire commission pg&e had given her the information but she didn't discuss the details. >> i understand to give global information to everyone in a
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post 9/11 environment should be of concern. i have concerns about it personally. >>reporter: she did tell us the transmission lines in san francisco do not run in densely populated areas. and the lines in the city hold half the pressure of the san bruno line. >> i think we'll be able to reassure the residents and give them as much information as we can without truly presenting a safety risk, that kind of thing. that's my goal at least. >>reporter: pg&e did not put conditions on the information. but hays what it promised she wouldn't release the information at least until next week when she meets with pg&e again. >> all right amy thank you. >> massive clean up effort at the site of the san bruno fire began this morning. county has managing the month long two million dollar project. heavy equipment will carry away the remnant of 35 burneds homes. according to the county 25 homeowner signed waivers to begin work on their property. nothing can replace
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what has already been lost. >> we have those the memory of those homes that were there and how our neighborhood was before and it is not the same. it will never be the same. we are not living in the houses yet. every i time i drive up here i get he motional now. it's not the same. >>reporter: authorities want to clear the area before the rawny season so that any hazardous materials won't wash into the bay. state regulators met today an voted to create a panel of independent fact finders to look into the cause of the san bruno explosion. panel will be established within 30 days. pg&e is responsible for the cost which is expected to run upwards of two million dollars. the resolution did not specify whether pg&e shareholders or rate payers would pick up the tab. >> after 4 long difficult years the family of san francisco cop has at least some sense of many peace tonight. loved ones and fellow officers packed a
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courtroom to hear the verdict. guilty in the murder of officer nick thomas pwuvrjt. vick lee has the story. >> came forward with a verdict based on the fact based on evidence fought just but the citizen that were also a victim of i call it street terror. >> pros can youtor fleming hugged officer nick thomas burke family members outside the courtroom. it has been 4 years since burke was killed. the defendant steven pat was 19 when he plowed his virginia than into the officer patrol car. fatal crash occurred the night of july 26 2006. here at cambridge and fulton streets. he was in the stolen van with two ovrments he led police on high speed car chase after committing a string of robberies. they wound their way from highway 280 through city streets. impact of the
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crash turned his police cruiser on to the sidewalk. burke had been on the force 5 years at the time he was stationed at bay view police station. fellow officers were lived when they found out that pat was out on bail in the murder happened. >> i will find out why this piece of garbage was not incarcerated. >>reporter: today dozens of officers packed the courtroom to show their support for their fallen comrade. pat broke down and cried softly after the verdict was read. outside the courtroom officer burke's father spoke of for giveness if since the murder occurred during a robbery, this is a special circumstances case which means
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that the defendant could get life without parole. sentencing set for next month. 2 others in the van with him that night are awaiting trial. this is abc 7 news is that thanks a lot. >> police warn san jose city college students to be on extra alert following an assault on female student tuesday afternoon on the second into of the campus garage. victim says she was grabbed from hyped and then swung into a wall. she shoved the man away and ran to her car thankfully. the school has now added extra security patrols. tape. a look at the police sketch of man wanted for attack ago woman jogging sunday on popular trail in south san jose. suspect tried to sexually assault her after pushing her on to an aquaduct near snell road and colleen drive. woman fought off the attack as well as this instance and escaped. if you have any information call the santa clara county sheriff's department or the san jose police immediately. after the longest delay in state history california may be on the verge of breaking
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its budget stalemate. late today the governor top legislative leaders agreed on budget framework. they will try to hammer out the details over the weekend. they hope to announce budget deal by monday and then call lawmakers back to sacramento next week for hearings and a vote. >> what the framework actually means in real terms that the has been determined how much we will be sending in the coming year and how much we are cutting in the coming year. what our levels of education funding will be and all the other details will be spelled out from there. >>reporter: republicans and democrats remain deeply split over whether to close the state 19 billion dollar deficit with tax increases or spending cuts. >> because of this late budget the state has had one of its credit cards yanked away. the bank thaishd the card cancelled it because the state hasn't paid its bill. the card was used to buy supplies like toilet paper at rural parks. once budget is passed the bank says it will reissue the card. the. >> grass roots campaign under
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way tonight against prop 23. hundreds gather to oppose the proposition that was suspend california global warming law. supporters say it must pass. >> california new plan for going green. regular tlaition goes further than anything we have seen thus far. >> and 2 jets fly so close. one could hear the other soaring by. >> later on "nightline". >> if coming up next on "nightline"we good behind a closed door of utah polygamist with 4 wives and 16 children. they say they are happy. how do they make it work? do they make it work? >> police chief determined
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>> singer ed fisher passed away in berkeley hospital following complication from hip surgery. he was 82. fisher was known for the scandalous love live as for music. he married 5 times in 1958 divorce actress deb reynolds to hook one liz taylor and also linked to garland and ann margaret. one
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of the daughter is actress carie fisher. >> meg whitman announced her position on proposition 23 today saying she is against the measure. prop 23 would suspend the implementation of the green house gas reduction loss and until the up employment rate drops for 4 consecutive measures. it's too simple a solution for too complex a problem. democratic gubernatorial candidate brown praised her decision to oppose the measure. tonight there is a grass roots effort to get out the vote to defeat prop 23. lisa reports. >>reporter: on september 23rd, proposition 23 was on many minds. >> so we have experts and then we end with some action ideas. >>reporter: no on prop 23 campaign held 80 get out the vote parties all over the state. this one was in palo alto. >> this is about stopping big oil.
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>>reporter: major oil company are backing prop 23 which aims to suspend the state green house gas emission law ab 32. ab 32 was supposed to take effect in 2012. the goal was to bring down california green house gas emission to 1990 levels by 2020. >> ab 32 is a job killer. destroys jobs and needs to be suspended that's where our campaigns i coming from. >>reporter: yes on 23 campaign insists now is not the time to put limitations on companies. by adding regulations. the executive director of california national federation of independent businesses says the unproyment rate will rise above the current 12 percent with ab 32. because small business owners simply can't afford the guidelines right now. >> new cost in electricity. new cost in natural gas and in actual gasoline all those affect main street mom and pop trying to keep our state
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going. >> it's about regulating emission from large power sources. large portions of pollution. like oil companies. not about affecting small businesses. >>reporter: whitman issued a statement today that she will vote no on prop 23 but would suspend ab 32 for one year if voted governor. >> doesn't want to look like she doesn't support growth of jobs in california so i think she's really trying to walk a fine line here. >>reporter: bit ace move that is confusing for some. >> what is her point? >>reporter: voters will have the final say november 2nd. this is abc 7 news. california clean air standards already among the toughest in the nation but the board voted to strengthen those standard for power companies. now utility will be required to get one-third of the electricity from renubble sources like wind or solar. that's by the year 2020. they are already struggling to comply with 20 percent of the power from green resources by next year.
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the first woman executed in the united states in 5 years was put to death tonight in virginia. 41-year-old teresa lewis died by injection at the greenville correctional center in jarrett. lieu i was convicted of enticing 2 men to shoot her husband and his son while they were sleeping for a quarter million dollar insurance pay out. lewis apologized in the moments before her execution. federal aviation administration is blame ago near miss over minneapolis on air traffic control errors. u.s. airway jet is the yellow line in the animation. red line is a cargo plane took off on parallel runway at almost the same time. planes were in thick cloud cover and didn't see each other a but came so close that the u.s. air pilot could hear the cargo plane catch him. >> the guy off the west side. >> minneapolis departure at contact looks like possibly straight out.
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>> okay. we just had we just we heard the guy go by. >>reporter: investigators say the planes were between 50 to 100 feet apart. faa says the air traffic controller incorrectly told the u.s. airway pilot to turn when he shouldn't have. >> awfully close. all right let's focus on the forecast warm weather around here. >> sandy here now with a look at what is ahead for us. sandy. >> you are going to feel the fall let as we head towards the weekend. today was certainly warmer. places like livermore up 15 degrees. 85 there. 79 in san jose. 74 for san francisco. santa rose, napa, 82 degrees. and it is only going to get warmer. down right hot by the time we hit sunday and monday. numbers right now in the 50's and 60's and the skies are clear. there is no fog to speak of. heat builds over the weekend with hottest day sunday and monday and we are expecting warm. beach weather. so if you don't like the heat just good to the coast. here's what is going to bring about the development of the heat. area of high
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pressure is a strong ridge that is developing and ridge takes over it pretty much warms the air mass. tap the sea breasts so we don't get much of a sea breeze and fog remains well off the coast line. so with clear start tomorrow morning expect sun to be up early. 6 to 12 degrees the warmer on average. inland area in the 90's. beaches you will be in the 70's. it only gets warmer by monday the heat peak with near triple digit inland and along the beaches lack for numbers in the 80's. so tonight a milder night already. temperatures running a little bit warmer than last night. we go with low to mid 50's except santa rosa falling to 48 degrees. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay it is going to be a warm day. 88 in campbell and saratoga. san jose 87 degrees. on the peninsula sunshine 84 for men lo park. red wad city. los altos 86 degrees. like i said if you don't like the warmth you just have to head to the beach where it is a nice mild
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day in pacifica. 72 degrees with clear sky. no fog around downtown san francisco resulting in warm day with weak sea breeze. 81 there. daly city 73 and in the north day you see 70's around bodega bay, citizen sen beach, 90 in santa rosa this is the time of year when the beaches see some of the warmest weather. warmer water gets warm heading to fall it's actuallye maynes pretty warm. numbers in the east bay. 84 degrees in oakland. 87 for fremont. castro valley. you head inland walnut creek danville livermore all in the low 90's. brentwood 92 degrees and around the monterey bay warm afternoon in santa cruz. 87 degrees. going to feel more like summer than fall in land. gilroy 93 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. stretch of very warm to hot conditions ahead. tomorrow low 90's inland. low 70's at the beaches. come up just a bit inland on saturday then on
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sunday it is 96 inland. by monday one of the hottest days you are talking near triple digit inland. is in around the bay. upper 70's at our beaches so real warm to hot forecast if making plans for the weekend. >> all right thank you sandy. >> well coming up next. the clips that says mae street pulled after parents complained it was too racey. >> we'll show you uses what some thought was so some thought was so objectionable about this
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greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> singer duet with elmo and sesame street eliminated from upcoming show even before it aired. ♪ about she performs a kid friendly version of the hit song hot cold with somewhat flustered elmo. producers pulled it though after clip leaked on the web and parents wrote to pbs claiming the outfit is too reveal for a kid show. thousands of other parents however wrote on the station web site saying that the actions are unwarranteded and
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unnecessary. video has had more than 1 million hits on you tube. >> complete tape of world series game thought lost to history has been found. in of all places the late bing crosby hillsboro home. seventh gym of the 1960 world series featuring bill's walk off homer to beat the yankees 10-9. perfectly pre-serveed tape was found in december in a wine cellular of the cross by home. he of course a major baseball fan and part owner of the pivrments he was so superstitious about if couldn't watch the game he went to paris and listened to it over the radio there. >> is it over. that's really neat treasure to have. >> they found it by accident. nobody knew it exist. >> were you saying that was shot on the television. uses shot from the television. >> he hired a film crew, probably couple guys to shoot the tv screen and he said he was not going to watch the game unless the pirates
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won. watched the film when he got back from paris. amazing story. not quite as amazing. juan may keep tonight giants game own video vawtment unbelievable night. back into first the giants. not coming back. nelson new
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[ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ]
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see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh >> rejaime change is coming to the golden state warriors and coming soon. head coach nelson is expected to step down with assistant keith smart taking over next week. training camp begins next tuesday. nelson is expected to resipe on monday. that's media day by the way. new owner joe is trying to sell the fans on new vision for the warriors. can't sell that by bringing nelson back. all time winning coach over 1300 wins and get the 6 million dollars left on the contract and probably head back to maui. probably on maui now
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actually. no reason to even leave. smart is heir to the thrown for years now. probably one year to show what he can do as the boss and i'm told that general manager riley has done a nice job this off season. also expected to stay on for the coming campaign. whatever bruce told the hiters in the pre-game meeting tonight in chicago, it worked. giant offense the crowd ended in a big way. giants are back in first place by that much. dress for success. giant fan on the left. cub fan with fish on his head. juan. night to remember. 2nd inning. crushes this pitch. way, way out on to wave avenue. up again in the second inning. bases loaded that's a grand slam. 6 rbi in one inning for juan. 9 runs total for the giants. this from a team that could barely score the last 2 nights. the you go get some,
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some, kid. big cushion for madison who went 7 innings. he struck out nichbility all giants. 13-nothing where was this the last few nights? could you store the runs up. giants like to did that as they head to colorado for human series with the rockies and giants back in first place. thanks to help from their arch rival the dodgers who are not tm the raiders but come back to me i'll tell you what happened in the dodger game. pats lost to the donors 3-1 now the giants up by half game. a's and rangers. yes? the maybe. maybe. a's let me tell you about mccheek how cute is the kid? pouncing on the mound or off the mound. one handed best performance of the season. scoreless in the fourth. look out. jack with a broken bat. almost took the head off cliff lee. scores the offense they need tonight. oakland leading
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5 nothing in the seventh. guerrero down and braiden 8 innocence and 1 hit. they still believe. still alive 7 back with 10 to believe. now for bruce. handed the raines to the radar offense so nobody could be right in that salts next week unless he performs. raiders visit arizona on sunday and brad replaces campbell with only 6 quarters as starter after they traded for him in the off season. he led raiders to come back win after last week and continue making plays. >> i was excited but excitement ends right there. no reason to be excited just yet. i really haven't done nothing in my mind and this is a long season. so i'm just getting excited, take it one getting excited, take it one week at a time see what >> bruceal mighty. nickname. >> that's our report.
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>> for all of us hererererererei
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